FID Trust International

Personal Tax Return We offer a favourable and efficient tax return service for those who require it. We will complete your return without you having to worry, and file it after guaranteeing we have acknowledged all your tax allowances.  We also ensure your tax payment is fair. If a tax refund is due to you we will ensure it is paid directly to you. Our fee is based on your individual circumstances and personal requirements (see below).
Calculation Service and Basic Tax Return This applies to employed people with one P60, one P11D, one P45 etc and who have earned small levels of interest from banks or building societies.
Foundation UK Tax Return & Calculation Service Basic, as well as intermediate levels of revenue from interest and dividends and some capital growth; two or more employments in the same tax year; a distinct rented property; CIS self-employed; or a small self-employed business.
Intermediate UK Tax Return & Calculation Service Intermediate UK Tax Return & Calculation Service As an intermediate service but with either sole trader income, foreign profits, partnership income, non-resident status or not ordinarily resident status, two or more rented property incomes, share proposals, complex or multiple- investment incomes, large capital gain/loss, or multiple capital gains/losses.
Rapid Tax Return Service Have your tax return, or any tax return for the past six years, completed within 10 operational days.

The service offered is ideal if you want your tax return or accounts completed promptly, particularly if your tax deadline is imminent and you could be facing a fine of between £100 to £500. This service is ideal for the tax returns of sole traders, partnerships and limited company accounts.  Further details are available on request.

Please understand the services above do not cover audit or tax investigations by Inland Revenue. These are subject to additional fees.

About Tax Return Supplements

Tax Return Supplements are for those: Who are unaware which tax schedules they need to complete. See the details below, which also state the documentation required to complete the schedule.

Employment Please provide your P45/P60 and, if applicable, your PIID if you are, or were, employed (full-time, part-time or on a casual basis) as an office-bearer, director etc.
Share Schemes If a share option has been granted to you, or you have exercised a job-related share alternative, or have other share options, please supply all the paperwork.
Self Employment If you carried on a trade, profession, or vocation as a self-employed individual, we request sight of your books, bank statements, etc. Or if you can, present a trial balance (which must balance), along with an income and loss statement and balance sheet.
Property and Land If you derived income from land or property in the UK, including furnished holiday lettings, furnished accommodation in your only or principal residence. Include as much detail as possible (unless your services provide meals and your activities amount to a trade, in which case the details necessary are the same as for self-employment).
Joint Venture If you carried on a profession, vocation or trade in a partnership which included one or more other individuals, the details required are the same as for the self-employed.
Capital Gains If, in the year to April 5 you disposed of chargeable assets worth more than £15, or if your total chargeable gains were more than £7,500; or if you would like to claim an allowable capital loss or made any other capital gains, election or claim for the year, then this is the right form to use.

After receiving the details, we shall:

  1. Give an opinion on the amount of tax due and when it is due.
  2. Complete the tax form for you if necessary.
  3. Calculate the gain, if any.
  4. Advise which is the most appropriate time, within the next 10 years, to dispose of the asset, thereby saving up to thousands of pounds in tax.

If you have disposed of an asset or would like to know what the tax would be if you disposed of the asset and what the best time to do it would be (to save heaps of tax), send us an e-mail providing us with as much detail as possible.

There is a small fee for this particular service.

Inheritance Tax Many of us are going to leave behind an Inheritance Tax liability on our own or from our spouses, parents etc. A tax liability can run into hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, but this liability can be significantly reduced by forward planning.

If you provide us with details of all your assets etc we can:

  1. Determine any tax due on a chargeable estate.
  2. Advise on the existing tax due and then suggest ways to reduce the tax liability if forward planning is necessary.
Trusts or Settlements This form applies if you were involved in a settlement with income accruing to you, received income from a deceased estate, or were the beneficiary of a trust or settlement. We will suggest what documentation is required.
Foreign Any earnings from foreign companies, savings institutions, income from offshore funds or overseas trusts, or income from land or property abroad, or any royalty income from abroad or overseas pensions or benefits. Please provide all essential paperwork. Non-residence. Not resident in the UK.

Please contact us by telephone 0207 439 3400 (0044 207 439 3400 – International) or E-mail if you wish to join our growing list of clients.